LabNode ELN and LIMS

LabNode is a revolutionary lab and data management software that vastly improves work efficiency, effectivity and regulatory conformity. 

LabNode´s machine-readable documentation solves usual problems resulting from lost, incomplete and unstructured data.

Users enter an experiment/process and LabNode automates during the remaining steps.

Why Choose LabNode?​

LabNode understands entries. Data never has to be entered twice. All relations between experiments and resources of all kinds are documented.

Experiment Plans and their steps, the Chemicals, Devices and Reaction kits used, the People involved, later on the Measurement Results and Data gathered.

Data Integrity And Security

LabNode Data is structured, fully crossreferenced and searchable:

  • No more Data Loss due to users keeping their data stored or projects done longer ago


  • No more information loss due to aspects of experiments being insufficiently documented


  • No more failure in reproducing experiment results

Automation In Data Management

LabNode automatically:

  • Generates Measurement and Results Entry Masks based on the experiment plan


  • Creates new experiments with one click based on previous ones or templates


  • Generates customized Reports for different purposes


  • Keeps an Audit Trail of experiments, devices, chemicals, templates, users etc.


  • Translates “everything” between English, German and Chinese

Automation In Lab Management

LabNode automates:

  • Resource Management including stock and price monitoring and safety compliance


  • Booking Calender for various resources


  • Taskmanagement


  • Rights/Roles Management

Regulatory Compliance

LabNode enables lab work compliant with: 

  • GMP


  • GDPR


  • ISO 9001


  • ISO 27001


  • FAIR

See what our Users have to say

"Combining large amounts of DNA data with high-throughput experimental data is always a challenge, LabNode's machine readability will allow us to develop faster."

Dr. Thomas Daussmann
Enzymaster GmbH
„LabNode has the potential to completely change the way we approach our research”
Prof. Dr. Andreas Jupke
RWTH Aachen
„We are using LabNode right from the start of building up our research group to secure data quality and integrity for the future.“
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Grünberger
Karlsruher Institut Für Technologie
"LabNode's data and lab management concept is revolutionary!"
Dörte Rother
Prof. Dr. Dörte Rother
Foschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
"LabNode offers a unique solution to map the entire lab workflow, combining it with AI will be a game changer"
Dr. Ing. Joachim Koepff
Sartorius AG
„We are always searching to improve our workflow, LabNode can deliver that.”
Prof. Dr. Christoph Griesbeck
Management Center Innsbruck

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